Investing in the Futre of Web3 Infrastructure

We are a team of investors and key industry leaders dedicated to exponentially developing our digital world.


Our approach is not to participate or trade in volatile NFTs or crypto but to use our experience to identify and invest in the building blocks of our future world.


We’re Investing in 3 Key Areas of Interest



As early architects and inhabitants of the metaverse, the games industry has already played a fundamental role in shaping the metaverse. The rise of Web3 is changing the entire landscape of gaming, introducing new and revolutionary ways for players to find success whilst enabling a new consumer centric ecosystems and shared human experiences.



DeFi radically changes the way we use financial instruments. This borderless approach will introduce a financial and regulatory infrastructure built solidly upon Web3 technologies and concepts, including metaverse and blockchain interoperability, transparency by utilising dataless cryptographic mechanisms, and blockchain-based verification.



The first sectors to scale in Web3 were Gaming and Defi. As the use cases increase with the advent of smart contracts, L2 chains and protocols focused on commerce. The way creators create revenue streams will change with tokenisation enabling them to control their IP and monetise on their terms.


An experienced team with an unfair advantage

Nicholas Francis

George Askew

ankush Shah


Ron Highet


Ionize’s focus is to help Founders in the Web3 space leverage the power of the teams experience to develop the digital infrastructure of our future.

Are you an innovator in Web3 infrastructure?